Green Party Retreats to the Wilderness: MPs Undergo Extreme Mental Toughness Training With David Goggins

The Green Party of New Zealand has been thrown into turmoil following the resignation of former MP Golriz Ghahraman due to mental distress. In an effort to rebuild their mental fortitude and tackle pressing issues such as climate change, poverty reduction, and nature conservation, co-leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson have decided to take drastic measures.

To regain their political footing, the Green Party has enlisted the help of a renowned mental toughness coach, David Goggins, known for his infamous “STAY HARD” mantra. The party’s MPs have been whisked away to a remote retreat in the wilderness for a week of gruelling activities designed to build resilience and mental strength.

“We’re taking a page out of the SAS training manual,” said James Shaw, as he struggled to complete his 10th pull-up. “If we can survive this, we can survive anything.”

The retreat’s itinerary includes cycling through treacherous mountain passes, swimming in icy rivers, and performing an endless number of pull-ups and yoga poses. The MPs are also expected to engage in daily meditation and mindfulness sessions.

“We’re going to come out of this retreat stronger than ever,” said Marama Davidson, as she emerged from a freezing cold plunge pool. “Our mental toughness will be unmatched, and we’ll be ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way.”

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