The Iconic Lemon & Paeroa Bottle Gets a Temporary But Iconic Replacement

L&P has featured in the fridges of dairies in New Zealand for more than a century, carrying the title of ‘World Famous in New Zealand’.

This iconic drink was first marketed in 1910. Following the closure of the factory in 1980, the company became part of the global Coca Cola franchise.

Towering over 7 metres high, a bottle of L&P stands strong as an iconic invention of Paeroa, a town in the Hauraki District of Waikato.

To make most of the foot traffic, Coca Cola has decided to celebrate its origin, and temporarily replace the iconic L&P bottle with an original bottle of Coca Cola It has placed the original 1880 bottle that contained 3.5 grams of Cocaine.

Visitors are expected to double this summer, taking selfies with an iconic drink our forefathers enjoyed for daily rage!