AI Predicts Total Shoplifting Incidents By Golriz Ghahraman

With shoplifting posing a challenge to retailers, AI has emerged as a tool in identifying and deterring theft. A cutting-edge AI system developed by Salesforce is now being utilised by stores across New Zealand to effectively combat theft.

This advanced AI technology is capable of capturing an image of the suspected shoplifter and immediately verifying their identity through the New Zealand Police database.

It can also conduct a thorough analysis of a person’s history over the past six months. Several stores in New Zealand have audited their data using the AI system, with images of Golriz Ghahraman. These audits have led to the identification of three shoplifting incidents.

The AI is capable of predicting the total number of shoplifting incidents per individual based on their history. In the case of Golriz Ghahraman, the AI has forecasted an estimated 12 incidents