How to Keep Safe on Mount Taranaki This Summer

Visitors on Mount Taranaki are expected to double this summer, with 2805 visitors already making the trip. Department of Conservation (Doc) have shared tips on staying safe up the Mountain;

Carry a Jet Pack Incase the Mountain Erupts
|The mountain last erupted 150 years ago, and according to real scientists, it is well overdue for an eruption with very brief warning. DOC recommends to carry a jet pack incase you need to jet off the Mountain during an eruption

Carry Plenty of Shining Peak Beer Making the summit is no feet, and during the Summer, the temperatures soar. The rule of thumb is to drink two thirds your fluid on the way up and one third one the way down. DOC recommends choosing a local craft beer, Shining Peak, as your choice of fluid

You’re Allowed to ‘Almost’ Climb the Summit Māori believe the Mountain is their ancestor and it is alive, so to stand on the summit is like standing on its head. DOC says you are permitted to almost make it to the summit

Enjoy visiting Taranaki this Summer!