Bill Ackman’s Guide For Being a Good Husband

First billionaire, now best husband, Bill Ackman has set the bar impossibly high. I interviewed Bill on how to be a good husband, here are his top 3 tips;

1: Post a daily 5000-word essay on X about your wife

Ackman started the new year with revolutionising how you speak about your wife everyday; obsessively writing long posts about Neri Oxman on X, defending her at whatever cost

2: Launch an AI startup inspired by your wife’s mistakes

After Neri Oxman was falsely accused of plagiarism by Business Insider and MIT, Ackman announced he will launch AI a startup to reform the Higher Education System

3: Share your vision on how your wife has inspired you to change the world

Bill shared his vision on how his new AI startup will reimagine Higher Education System (HES). The mission is to create better humans who become doctors, judges, journalists, and husbands

“Bill Ackman, the billionaire who became a journalist overnight, and now, husband extraordinaire. Be Like Bill everyone” said a user on X