Woman banned from New World Otaki for wearing ‘Men Aren’t Women’ t-shirt. She now has an offer to return with conditions; will she take it?

A woman has been banned from entering New World Super Market in Otaki for two years after she was caught wearing a t-shirt that read, “Men aren’t women, even if you squint.”

According to a witness, the incident occurred when a New World worker, who resembled a child catcher, kinky deodorant, and some cry wanker, spotted the offensive garment and had the woman escorted out

After breaching consumer rights, the supermarket has agreed to lift the ban, if she provides full access to her wardrobe and her entire history of clothing purchases

“We are happy to welcome her back, but we reserve to the right to reinforce the ban if her clothing purchase history shows any future purchase of garments with offensive quotes against trans men” said Matt Mullins

Will she take the offer? Share your answer below

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