Judith Collins Furious as Terrorists Target Shipping Containers Headed to New Zealand Carrying Vaccine Reversal Jabs

Judith Collins has issued a statement condemning the recent attacks on shipping containers in the Red Sea. These containers were carrying a top-secret cargo of “vaccine reversal jabs” intended to help the vaccinated become unvaccinated.

“Being unvaccinated is cool again, so having our containers attacked with reversal jabs is not cool. People are queuing up at pharmacies around the country to become unvaccinated, and we need more stock” said Judith Collins.

Kiwis should expect delays and price hikes for other items including toilet rolls, tampons for men, and ketchup sauce.

As Minister of Space, Judith has announced she will be taking a rocketship herself to the Red Sea from the Mahia Peninsula. Upon arrival, Judith will Paraglide over the containers, retrieving the reversals jabs, and shooting back into the rocketship. The mission will take approximately 90 minutes.