Jacinda Ardern’s Wedding Guest List Leaked — A Woke Fest

The wedding is finally going ahead, and this time, the venue in Hawkes Bay has asked for a 100% deposit with no refund policy

The invite list for the wedding has been under wraps, in light of the highly anticipated release of 200 names linked to Jeffrey Epstein. However, a woman at the venue working on the seating arrangement has leaked a few names

“We have Ashley, Bloomfield, Michael Baker, Siouxsie Wiles, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Klaus Schwab, and Justin Trudeau, all on the front row. A woke fest really.”

With rumours swirling around who will be attending, it is understood that the couple have added a last-minute guest; Harvard University’s former President, Claudine Gay

The couple did give away one thing about the wedding “On arrival, the guests will enjoy a limited edition vaccine booster shot, hand crafted in small batches, by Michael Baker”