How to start a healthy new year habit and get rid of it after two weeks

It is that time of the year! Everyone you know is hitting the gym, eating broccoli, and smoking that last pack of cigarettes. You’re unsure if you need a new healthy habit but feel the pressure to get involved

So here is a guide on how to get-in on the trend, and then get rid of it after two weeks

Step 1: Join a gym

The most common new healthy habit is joining a gym. Make sure to sign up for a year-long membership, even though you’ll only use it for two weeks

Step 2: Broccoli

You heard it right. Broccoli. You don’t have to eat it. Simply tie a string around your head with a broccoli hanging in front of your nose as you work out. This will show everyone how committed you’re to your new healthy habit

Step 4: Fake an Injury

This is where things get interesting. Fake an injury while you’re working out. Have your friend film you as you walk into the hospital to get checked up, with a broccoli hanging on a string in front of your nose

Enjoy hanging out at home drinking beer and eating takeaway Pizza until everyone forgets about your new year habit

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