Breaking News: Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau reveals her Ancestry DNA Results

Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau revealed the results of her Ancestry DNA test, which uncovered a series of unexpected connections. Among the most shocking revelations, Mayor Whanau announced that she is, in fact, a distant cousin of Monica Lewinsky, the infamous former White House intern

The Mayor took to the X platform to share her newfound family ties. “Guess who’s related to Monica Lewinsky? This gal! Let’s just say, I’ve got a whole new appreciation for cigars and blue dresses,” said Tory Whanau

Mayor Whanau also disclosed that she holds a significant stake in the Cuban cigar brand Cohiba

To celebrate, the Mayor is throwing a boozy party on this stunning New Years Day at Courtney Place “Join me for a night of cigars, cocktails, and inappropriate jokes. No filming is allowed though”