All Blacks Ditch the Haka for Braka

The New Zealand All Blacks have decided to ditch their century-old tradition of performing the haka in favour of a new, modern approach to pre-match rituals

The team’s new head coach, Scott Robertson, has introduced the “Braka” – a fusion of the words “break” and “haka” – which is a form of break dancing that will now replace the traditional haka

This groundbreaking decision comes after Scott Robertson continues to rebuild the All Blacks with his unique and original style. He is well known for break dancing at the Crusaders and is set to incorporate that at the All Blacks

The Braka is a high-energy, dynamic dance that combines elements of traditional Māori haka with modern break dancing moves. The All Blacks have been training hard to perfect their new routine, and fans can expect to see them breaking it down on the field before every match

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