UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak launches investigation into Ricky Gervais after his Netflix Special, Armageddon

In his highly anticipated Netflix Special, Armageddon, Ricky Gervais discusses a long list of possibilities for how he thinks humanity might end

“We are on a precipice. The Earth is in a terrible mess.” said Ricky

For sixty minutes, Ricky explores a long list of possibilities including climate change, open borders, critical race theory, population collapse, gender confusion, artificial intelligence, colour blindness, antisemitism, working from home, the woke mind virus, nuclear war, and human stupidity

“God created man. Gave it the best brain in the animal kingdom. This brain can create weaponry, it will make clothing to survive the ice age, it will survive world wars, and go through famine. But, it will eventually start getting scared of words, and destroy itself.”

“What’s gonna kills us is, words. We have become scared of words and have changed the meaning of many words that has left the world in such a mess.” Said Mr. Gervais

This got institutions protecting the British Empire and the English Language worried about a backlash to cancel the Language that runs the world

“It seems Ricky is claiming the world will end because of the English Language, and on behalf of the Crown, my Government strongly refutes that. Investigating Ricky’s use of the English language is a possibility” Said Rishi Sunak,

Ricky fired back: “What will save the world is speaking up in English words in their true meaning. If anyone cancels you, you are allowed to say F* off you C*.”

Armageddon, a Christmas Special, is set to break all streaming records on Netflix. It is now available in countries that do not speak the English language

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