Bill Cosby dies from accidental overdose after drugging himself instead of victim

Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, who was recently released from prison and had returned to the stage, has died from an accidental overdose of Quaaludes. The incident occurred backstage at one of his shows, where he was allegedly attempting to drug a female victim but mistakenly ingested the drugs himself

Cosby, who was once known as “America’s Dad,” had been embroiled in controversy for years due to numerous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. Despite these allegations, he continued to perform and tour, even after his release from prison

The news of his accidental overdose has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, with many expressing disbelief and sadness at the tragic turn of events. Some have pointed out the irony of Cosby’s death, as it was his own actions that ultimately led to his demise

Eddie Murphy grieved his loss “Hey, did you hear about the guy who invented the knock-knock joke? He won the ‘No-bell’ Prize.”