Thousands of unwanted Christmas gifts turn up on Trade Me

Santa had a fun day paragliding over New Zealand dropping presents, however, he didn’t quite hit the mark for many with thousands of unwanted presents turning up on Trade Me

Trade Me spokesperson, Mille Woke-Numb, confirmed 3700 gifts that didn’t do the trick had been listed on the marketplace at 9am on Boxing Day

It is a Kiwi tradition on Boxing Day to quickly browse the unwanted presents which is exactly what we have done, and here are our top 10;

10 – Rawiri Waititi’s feather hat worn at NZ Parliament’s opening ceremony

9 – Former All Blacks coach Ian Foster’s runner up medal at the Rugby World Cup Finals

8 – Hamas headband personally signed by Chlöe Swarbrick “from the river to the sea”

7 – Ashley Bloomfield Limited Edition COVID-19 booster shots [expired]

6 – NZ Herald Premium Subscription

5 – A private Christmas video message from Winston Peters

4 – A portrait of Jacinda Ardern with a Hitler stash

3 – Wayne Barnes ‘Red Card’ used against All Blacks Sam Cane at Rugby World Cup Finals

2 – Socks that say “Best House Husband”

1 – Shaneel Lal’s new range of Budgy Smugglers

“It has been a strange year for Kiwis so we are not surprised to see some interesting presents shall we say. Let the bidding war begin” said Trade Me spokesperson Millie Woke-Numb

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