Bearded Bros on BHN battle for trans inclusion in community sport with Moroccan goats

“Its got nothing to do with reality” shouted @citizenbomber on an episode of BHN with @patbrittenden wearing a Tarboosh, leaving the viewers amused as to why is he in Morocco herding goats and training them to play community sports?

“Meh-eh-eh-eh-eh” a goat cried loudly in the background while Martyn Bradbury claimed his Martin Luther King moment, for standing up for the Trans community

“To kick the trans community in the face by not allowing them to play with these goats and say you don’t actually exist. To say we are going to erase you from all goating sports, is a virtue signal to Winston’s conspiracy monsters who want trans people to only play sports with horses” argued Mr. Bradbury

New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has announced a controversial ban on trans individuals playing sports with a unique breed of Moroccan goats known for their loud bleating cries and high sexual activity

Mr. Bradbury argued that this ban destroys the very fabric of society, the inclusion of goats!

@aniobrien was on hand to deliver her timely roast on her birthday, or as @AnaruDavis
aptly puts it “on her terfday”

“three identical men complain that goats only sport exists.”