Whistleblower, The Shadow Man, exposes Compass Group for serving awful school lunches to our children


The Shadow Man, an anonymous X user, has been posting daily pictures of the school lunches his kids receive at school

The school lunches, which are produced by the Compass Group and funded by the New Zealand Government, look so disgusting even your dog would refuse to eat it

The pictures show school lunches that are far from appetising. The carrots have developed skin cancer, meatballs smell like an old man’s saggy nut sack, and the hummus looks like a kebab vomit

The Compass Group, which is responsible for producing the school lunches, have been flying under the radar until The Shadow Man exposed them for their poor quality meals

After much investigation, the High Court of New Zealand has sentenced the Compass Group CEO to 2 years of community service and ordered him to eat every meal posted by The Shadow Man over the last 12 months