Taranaki man hospitalised for refusing excessive amounts of ham and cold beer on Christmas Day

43-year-old John Matthews was admitted at Taranaki Base Hospital for refusing to eat excessive amounts of ham and drink freezing-cold beer. Doctors are unsure if he will survive

“This holiday season we strongly recommend men to consume as much ham and beer as possible. It is also healthy to eat through the leftovers from Boxing Day until new years eve. We recommend 6 beers in one session 3 times a day.” said the lead doctor on duty

John Matthews is understood to be on a vegan and alcohol free diet and his health has been deteriorating. The doctor has prescribed John 4-6 beers a night for 6 months from Shining Peak, a local brewery making craft beer

John’s family and friends are hosting a barbecue outside the hospital encouraging more men to increase their ham and beer intake this holiday season

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