Shaneel Lal proves Jesus was from Palestine by simply holding a bowl of Falafels

In a stunning revelation that have rewritten the very foundations of history, political activist Shaneel Lal has finally provided the long-awaited evidence that Jesus was, in fact, Palestinian.

The evidence was presented by holding a bowl of falafels, a traditional Middle Eastern dish

The connection between Jesus and Falafels may not be immediately obvious but the evidence in undeniable. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a city located in the region that is now known as Palestine.

And what do you think was one of the most popular dishes in ancient Bethlehem? You guessed it – falafels!

So, when Shaneel Lal was seen holding a bowl of falafels, it was a clear and powerful symbol of Jesus’ Palestinian heritage. Shaneel has yet again elevated himself to a higher place, and this time, into a messiah