Kiwi man speaks out against constant attacks for being a man and is urging strong men to step up this holiday season

38 year old father Jake Taylor is speaking out for the first time against the constant attacks for simply being a man

“There is a virus spreading in our communities of hatred towards responsible and strong men who work hard to look after their families and homes” said James Taylor

James shared his horrific story of how he was constantly demoralised, degraded, and attacked for 2 years, for simply being a father, a husband, and a man

“My parents, kid’s teachers, and many friends have constantly attacked me with detail and precision with a vengeance to bring me down and control my life. Many have also tried to turn my wife against me”

James is not backing down. He has decided to step up: “it is time that I show everyone my real powers as a man and stand up by longer tolerating such behaviour. Instead of avoiding these situations I have escalated them and made clear I will not tolerate any of this behaviour” said James

Over the last 6 years, men have been under attack from ideologies and there has also been a grass root campaign to manipulate boys to not grow up as strong men. This has serious consequences for developing high quality societies as strong men diminish

This holiday season, James is encouraging all men to step up against attacks and if you’re currently navigating through this, then it is time to escalate, tackle them head on and take charge