Jacinda Ardern gets new job as Head of Misinformation at Stuff NZ

The troubled former NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has secured a job following her removal from politics for successfully lying about Covid-19 vaccine deaths

“Her work as Prime Minister where she made people believe what’s fake is truly incredible so we are excited to see what lies she can cook up here” said Stuff NZ CEO Laura Maxwell

Ardern has been embroiled in controversy for months for her Covid-19 response and bending the truth with her elegant speaking skills, a close second to Winston Churchill for mobilising the English language.

She is extremely relieved at getting some attention again from the public. “I’m excited to fight misinformation and get public the truth they deserve” said Jacinda Ardern

Sources close to the writers room say Ardern has already ordered every journalist to burn everything that is factual from Stuff’s history records