Movie Review: Netflix’s Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget — Taking children on a journey from anti ‘farming’ to anti ‘woke parenting’

The original Chicken Run came out in 2000 and became a global sensation. A group of chickens successfully escaping cruel farmers Mr. & Mrs. Tweedy

Little did the world know, this movie will inspire a little girl in Sweden by the name of Greta Thunberg. She led a campaign inspired by Chicken Run to create an anti-farming movement

The world eventually got rid of chickens, and Eggs Benedict was forever removed from menus in cafés around the world

Things quickly took a turn when Netflix started using ChatGPT to write scripts for kids TV shows and movies. This was part of a campaign to inspire more children to be like Greta

An episode on CoComelon suggested little boys should put on dresses and dance for grown men. In an another episode of CoComelon, it attempted to rewrite all the classical nursery rhymes; from Baa Baa Black Sheep to Baa Baa Sheep of Colour and there is no wool for the ‘master’

This saw thousands of children boycott Netflix but Netflix had a plan. Create a sequel of Chicken Run, two decades in the making

The new film directed by Sam Fell, Rocky and Ginger are living in a bird with other chickens making jam and singing all day with their little baby Molly. Little they know the sanctuary has the woke mind virus

Molly grows up as the child of parents who never let her to roam free, climb trees, and explore the world around her. Gone are the days when parents allowed their children to leave home in the morning with a box of raisins and return after sunset

Molly grew up watching woke tv shows on Netflix and Disney + and an endless amount of Ryan’s World on YouTube

But Molly wouldn’t have it. While other kids were busy attacking farmers and adopting they/them pronounce, Molly wanted to jump on a raft and explore the world around her

The film explores how our kids will fight the woke mind virus that has infiltrated parents around the world. Who knows, this movie might inspire the next ‘anti Greta Thunberg’